The Originals

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The Originals


Alternate name:
Originals, The



Dave Gibbons

Crime - Gore - Graphic Novels - Vertigo


When they walk, they look cool. When they ride, they drive fast. And when they hate, they fight — brutally. One of comics’ most esteemed names, Dave Gibbons (co-creator and artist of Watchmen and Give Me Liberty) arrives at Vertigo to deliver an original hardcover graphic novel he’s been waiting his entire life to write and draw. Lel and Bok — two best friends — want nothing more than to join the Originals, the top gang on the streets. Through them, they'll meet the high-speed world of hover scooters, all-night clubs, and, for Lel, the girl of his dreams. But with the fast life comes tough foes, and tribal loyalty will teach them the unforgettable meaning of unforgivable loss. Neither a science-fiction story nor set in a mundane reality, The Originals takes place in a world both familiar and strange, where the young are angry, loyal and fight for what they believe in. And the only thing more important than who your friends are is who your friends hate.

Chapter (Issue) List

The Originals #1 1-Nov-2004