Jonah Hex - Two-Gun Mojo

Jonah Hex - Two-Gun Mojo Comic

Jonah Hex - Two-Gun Mojo


Alternate name:
Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo



Joe R. Lansdale

Action - Adventure - Graphic Novels - Vertigo


A trio of brutes ambush Jonah Hex and prepare to hang him from a tree tied to his horse. They want revenge upon Hex for killing their sister. But an old timer named Slow Go Smith appears and shoots the brothers down and frees Hex. Slow Go is a bounty hunter and is preparing to take the brothers to Mud Creek so he can cash in the reward. He cuts their heads off to make transportation (and proof of identity) easier. Jonah decides to come with him. When Jonah and Slow Go arrive in Mud Creek, they find a con artist offering to snap photographs of people standing next to the corpses of dead famous outlaws for a nickel. The problem being - none of the outlaws he features are in fact the genuine article. Jonah and Slow Go rent a room for the night, but Jonah kicks Slow Go into the barn because of his loud snoring. Inside the barn are the bodies of the Price Gang, another notorious gang of outlaws. Slow Go tries to fall asleep, but is awakened when he hears a noise coming from nearby. The body of one of the Price Brothers is standing upright holding a six-gun. Jonah awakens to the report of shots being fired, coming from the barn. He leaps out of his window to investigate the issue.