Amazing X-Men (1995)

Amazing X-Men (1995) Comic

Alternate name:
Amazing X-Men (1995)



Fabian Nicieza

Marvel - Action - Adventure - Superhero


The prologue explains that years ago, Apocalypse conquered America. A few lucky humans managed to escapeto Euroasia, while the rest were sent to work camps and breeding pens. In Booth Bay Harbor, Maine, a hooded woman talks to a human family about an upcoming planned rescue event. The lady takes her leave and walks into the shadows. She removes her hood and is revealed to be Copycat. She meets with the Madri and says the Brotherhood's suspicions are true: the humans are hoping to escape. At the ruins of the Xavier Mansion in New York, Bishop can't escape the feeling that something is wrong. An X-Team consisting of Banshee, Quicksilver, Storm, Exodus, and Iceman are battling a Sentinel, while Dazzler times them. The X-Men are practicing their upcoming mission to override a Sentinel's programming so it will help with the human evacuation. Some of the X-Men question the wisdom the mission until Magneto appears. Bishop rambles something about how everything is wrong. Iceman snaps at him, but Magneto tells him to stop; Bishop is not to blame for his condition. The X-Men prepare to leave and debate how they're going to get to Maine. Magneto says Exodus will teleport them. Exodus doesn't believe has those types of powers, but Magneto convinces him to have faith. As the X-Men teleport away, Magneto tells Bishop that he once tried to keep Exodus from knowing the full extent of his powers, but now he has no choice.

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